We have seen more and more the impact of Social Media on our lives. Like the Social Dilemma, documentaries have exposed how difficult it is to resist the pull to spend time on social networks.

In looking at how to help people get free of these networks, we put some work into making a tool to help people use their exported Facebook data.

Try the SocialFreedom App

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App Benefits

The app stores your data on your own Google Drive, so your information is secure. Once you upload your data, an easy-to-navigate UI allows you to find the content you are looking for quickly.

About the App

  1. Your content is hosted on your Google Drive.
  2. Once you upload your data, visit Mydata.socialfreedom.life to view your data.



Joe Mellin

Joe Mellin


Senior Program Manager MSFT, Co-Founder Proven.com, Co-host of Built in a Day podcast, Coach for Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of Leadership